Rachel Norwood – Three Principles Practitioner

The Gentle Path to Fulfillment

Individual Programs

Individual Learning Programs:

  • Personal Fulfilment
  • From Depression/Stress to Personal Well-Being & Wisdom
  • Overcoming Anxiety for Professionals
  • Healing Relationships (individual and/or couple)
  • Parenting with Wisdom (individual and/or couple)

Whatever the area in which you wish to develop, whether there is a specific issue at hand (such as those cited above) or whether there is just a general desire to deepen your understanding of the human condition, the conversation will always be around how we function psychologically. It is in this understanding that we are able to see more clearly in all areas of life, whether personal or professional.

This understanding is a description and not a prescription. As you deepen your understanding of the description, you will see why prescriptions, techniques and methods, though they can be useful tools in a given moment, cannot be and have no necessity to be pursued over time.

The coaching conversation in regards to the principles, is very different from the typical coaching conversation. Here, there is no goal setting, there is no placement on outcomes. What we are looking at is finding peace and clarity of mind right now because in truth, it is that peace and that clarity of mind that are going to allow you to grow and flourish.

Due to the nature of the conversation, we begin with a Preliminary Session to discuss your expectations and to set up how we will move forward. Following this Preliminary Session, you then can sign up for the Individual Program of your choice for a duration of one trimester (13 weeks) minimum, on the basis of one session per week.

Each session lasts between 60 – 90 minutes, in person where possible, or via Skype/Zoom.

  • 85€ – Preliminary Session* 
  • 845€ – Individual Program, on the basis of one trimester (13 weeks)*

*Concessions/Payment Plan on request. No one will be turned away due to lack of funding.   

Please note that once an Individual Program is undertaken, full payment of the sum and the payment method agreed is due

To reserve your preliminary session on this life-changing journey, please send an e-mail to:


I look forward to our working together,
With all my best thoughts,

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