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Insight Into Separate Realities

For some reason this past week has been particularly favourable to insight, despite having three sick little people sick, and I’d like to share one them here with you (more to come, very likely)

Last Wednesday morning, as I was driving my husband to work after having got Colleen off to school I had an insight about Separate Realities.
It has been clear to me for quite some time now that each one of us lives in Separate Realities, but as I was driving along it suddenly hit me, BOOM, each one of us lives in Separate Realities.

Now for those of you thinking, “Well, Rachel you just repeated the same sentence” – well, yes of course you’re right! Let me explain.

Emma was taken into hospital last Tuesday night and I got to sleep really, very late, it must have been around 3am by the time they’d done all the blood tests, etc. After about three hours sleep, I got up and I drove home to get the kids off to school. When I got home Alistair was already up being sick too, so I just had to take care of Colleen (not to be outdone by anyone, she was sick on Thursday and Friday and Saturday and Sunday!)

I was pretty tired, as you might imagine, though my head was working fine and I was in a really good state of mind, but as I was driving my husband to work and myself back to the hospital, I started berating myself because instead of giving Colleen her usual school-day breakfast of bacon, eggs, tomatoes and cucumbers, I’d just given her a “quick” bowl of cereal. And I started to feel bad – I hadn’t taken proper and perfect care of my daughter before she went to school; somehow in there I was being a bad mum. “Why should my daughter be deprived of her usual breakfast just because I’m tired?!”

As I began to see that I was starting to feel bad through those thoughts, I saw that they were leading me in the direction of a lower state of mind, and, as is always the case, as soon as I saw that, I was already putting some distance between myself and the reality in consciousness of that thinking. Then it dawned on me, I could actually think “proud” thoughts about myself given that I got up after only a couple of hours’ sleep, drove an hour to get home, took care of Alistair, got Colleen ready for school, did the dishes before leaving and was now driving my husband to work before returning to the hospital.

And that’s when it hit me: Each one of us lives in Separate Realities – not in the sense of, “we each of us have one reality that we live in” but in the sense of, “there is an infinite number of realities that we can create within ourselves, each of us as individuals”

And it kind of made me realize that one of the biggest mistakes that we innocently make as human beings, is to believe that there is only one reality available to us at any given moment.

A few months ago, one of my friends house was broken into. For her, “it was a catastrophe, she would never be able to get over the loss of some precious, sentimental items, not to mention the fear. Her family would absolutely have to move house because her children would never get over the trauma of what had happened. It was the end of the world. And there was no possibility of seeing that any other way.”

Of course, it’s an understandable reaction to a burglary, we can see why she could think like that and create that reality. What people don’t know, and for those of us who do but often forget, is that it’s not the circumstance that creates the feelings, it’s our thoughts. Thought has been, is, and always will be the link between not just our circumstances and our feelings about them, but also the simple fact that we are alive and that we even have feelings. Without Thought there would be no feeling. It is our use, or innocent misuse of thought, that creates all the Separate Realities that we can experience.

For me, this awareness of Separate Realities available to us at any given time simply allows us to wait and see, to wait and see what reality Mind is going to come up with next. This awareness allows us to reach a higher level of trust in the unfolding. That, in itself, gives us hope and maintains our natural resiliency …

We cannot know what is going to happen tomorrow, we cannot know what’s going to happen even 5 seconds from now! What I do know is that in a situation similar to that of my friend, those Separate Realities allow us to turn our faces to the day and see it from a low(er) level of consciousness where everything is a struggle and an effort and incredibly hard, or we can turn our faces to the day and see it from a high(er) level of consciousness where we can manage the situation with (more) ease and grace




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The Story of the Ring

When I woke up this morning, I had a memory come to mind of something that happened when I was an adolescent and still living with my parents.

My mum and dad had decided to grow a vegetable garden – and my! did they! We had almost every vegetable you can imagine! Peas, carrots, green beans, potatoes, salads, tomatoes, cucumbers – and in such quantity! I don’t think we went food shopping for a year!

One day, while out gathering peas, my mum suddenly realized that she’d lost her wedding ring in the garden and she was distraught, searching frantically and shouting to me to come and help.

We must have searched in the dirt and all around the vegetables for an hour and a half without finding anything until my mum despondently gave up saying that her ring must have got trampled into the ground and we would never find it now.

But I wasn’t buying it! Part of me just wanted to find the ring to make her happy (though let’s leave Freud out of it!), but mostly, I just had this very sure sense of calm and I was convinced, I had faith, that it was still possible to find it.
After all, my mum had lost the ring in the garden, it was just common sense that it should still be there somewhere.

In order to get a better look, I took a few steps back towards the house but I couldn’t see anything …
I stood on the back doorstep and I still couldn’t see anything…
I couldn’t see anything either from the kitchen window …

And then it dawned on me to go upstairs and to look from my room that looked over the garden. My mum, convinced that we would never find the ring, pooh-poohed the idea, saying that it was a waste of time, the ring was lost forever!

Nevertheless, I climbed the stairs leading to my room and peered hopefully from my window. And as I looked, the sun came out (hey, we lived in Scotland, that’s a rare occurrence!) and all of a sudden I could see something glistening right down there by the peas!

I called my mum to go and look and I tried to guide her, but she was still in the frame of mind that it was lost and that I was just imagining seeing it. She thought that the glistening I saw was a raindrop on a leaf in the sun …

By this time, she was getting surely angry – not only had she lost her ring, but here I was sending her on a wild goose chase into the garden anew, the place where we had already frantically searched without finding anything. So she said to me, “if you see it, you find it! I give up!”

But I had seen it, I knew it was there and I knew that because I’d seen it, I would be able to find it, to touch it.
So I went downstairs and back into the garden. I walked along the row of peas, slowly and carefully. I walked into the ray of sunshine and turned my head to look at the plants … and there it was! Caught on one of the highest branches of a pea plant was my mother’s wedding ring.

It had been there all the time, but it was only possible to see it from a higher perspective; and once the ring was found from that higher perspective, even at ground level it was possible to find it, simply because I already knew it was there.
We could have scrabbled around in the earth without ever finding it, or it would have taken us a very long time but looking at the garden from a higher point of view was what allowed me to find the ring.

And so it is with our human nature. When we are in trouble with our thoughts we can scrabble around in the darkness, hoping to find the glistening light, hoping to find that comforting thought, but it would take a really long time and there’s a chance that we might never find it.
But when we look at the same situation from a higher perspective, from a different point of view, that is where we are more able to see and find what we are looking for. We always have the possibility, no matter what, of taking a step back from our frantic searching and to allow our innateness to shine through naturally on its own – we don’t have to do anything because, like the ring was always in the garden, our innateness, that beautiful feeling of peace, is always there.

What allows us to take that step back, what allows us to be able to see the whole picture from a different perspective, comes through the understanding of where our human experience is coming from in the first place; how we really function psychologically – how our experience is coming from Mind, the energy of life, and is brought into feeling Consciousness via the guide of Thought. It is as simple as that – just as there was a beautiful simplicity in going upstairs to look out the window of my room to see the ring. I didn’t have to make an effort, I didn’t have to analyze or strategize in order to work that out – it just seemed like the right thing to do … and it’s what gave the clarity of sight.

Understanding how we create our human experience moment to moment is what brings that clarity of sight, and there is no analysis or strategy that can make that happen. The ring appeared out of nowhere, and so it is with insight