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The Essence of Transformation

“The world is a divine dream, suspended between the boundaries of time, space and matter” – Syd Banks

When Sheela Masand asked me a couple of weeks back if I would be willing to write a piece for her readers about my transformation through this understanding of the Three Principles and the inside out nature of the human experience, I was delighted – after all, there’s nothing like a “good” story to help get the message across.

But then I sat down to write it and found myself faced with an incredibly hard task; despite all the writing I do about the Principles, I had no idea where to start. Then I thought, “Well, that’s okay. I have a piece already written about how the principles saved my marriage, I can send her that and maybe we can adapt what’s written there” and so I did and Sheela was okay with that idea.

But, several days later, while I was mulling over how best to adapt what I had already written, what came to mind is that the essence of transformation is not in the form, the essence of transformation finds itself in the formless, certainly expressed via thought but definitely not in the circumstances of the world that we see.

I could delve back into my past memories and give you a glimpse of an abused childhood; I could delve into the past and give you examples of failed relationships, failed careers, failed family life and then explain to you how the form of my world has improved since that time… but to do so, would be to lead you astray.

The essence of this understanding, and the essence of the transformation that comes with this understanding, is that it is not a prescription but very simply a description of the human condition and how we function psychologically; understanding that description and that it is a description is where the true transformation lies.

As such, it is incredibly hard for me to go back into my past and search for those examples. Though I have them, I don’t go there anymore, I don’t visit those memories – I don’t attempt to occult them either, sometimes they just pop up, but I don’t deliberately go looking for them.

What is the essence of the transformation that I have lived? Very simply, in the past I believed that I was living in the feeling of my circumstances; now I know that I live in the feeling of my thinking, but what’s essentially transformational is gaining the awareness that even in those past memories I am conscious of the fact that I was living in the feeling of my thinking back then too, even if I couldn’t see it at the time.

When I came to the principles, I was in a suicidal state. It was the 1st of April, 2012. On that day I had made, after four months of contemplating not if, but how to end my life, a conscious decision that if I didn’t find some kind of solution on that day then I would not waken up the next.
As it happened I signed on to Michael Neill’s website as a café member and got access, with a discount, to the Living from the Inside Out online program that he was running at the time. The program had been running for a few weeks already and so I spent 48 hours, practically non-stop, watching the videos and listening to the calls that were available. On the third day, I was sitting in my kitchen when the first major insight hit me full on… and that was that I was not a victim of my circumstances but that I was creating my own pain myself via my own innocent misuse of the gift of thought. Of course, things still continued to look very outside in to me but I was aware that the feelings about my circumstances were coming through my thought system. In the world of form, I didn’t want to kill myself anymore; in the world of form I had renewed hope.

As the insights came, one after the other in the following weeks and months, I began to see the world with new eyes. I understood that everybody thinks and that everybody is doing the best that they can to alleviate their own sense of pain and suffering and that they do it in the best way that they see how, given their thinking in the moment.

I became aware that the large majority of people don’t even realize that they can only ever be victim of their own thinking, that most people believe that their circumstances dictate not only who they are, but also who they can be.

But more than that, with that realization came a massive sense not just of forgiveness, but of pure compassion. I don’t go in for religion, I’m not a religious person, though I have a profound respect for those who are but, at that time, one phrase kept coming to mind and that is the phrase that Jesus is told to have said when he was on the cross, “Forgive them Father, for they know not what they do”

In simple laic terms, for me that boils down to “how can I blame somebody for bad behaviour, no matter how bad that behaviour could have been, when they weren’t doing it on purpose; when they didn’t even know what they were doing because they simply did not have the conscious awareness to see their own thinking and make a choice?”

You see, now when those memories come forth, and they do now and again, that’s the way human beings function, I don’t relive them with the feeling in which I lived them at the time. I watch myself as a silent and compassionate witness, seeing those people in intense pain and attempting to fight their way out of it.

The transformation is not just in the present, it is also in the past and it will be in the future.

This awareness that, once my mind is quiet, all that is left is a sense of peace and love and strength, strength in the knowledge that I don’t have to go anywhere or do anything in order to feel that well being; that awareness can sometimes be clouded by my own thoughts but, no matter how clouded, that awareness is always there. Sometimes, I see it only on an intellectual level if I’m in a very low state of mind, and other times I find myself in a state of almost pure consciousness, a meditative state, where I am not latching on to any of the thoughts that go through my mind.

A busy mind is just a mind where we latch onto a thought, or a couple of thoughts, and turn those same thoughts over again and again in our brains.

The transformation in the levels of consciousness comes from the realization that I’m the one doing the thinking and, in very simple terms, I can think whatever I like with no obligation to attach to any thought that comes through. That’s where our free will comes in.

Thought comes from the source of energy that we call Mind; some call it God, some call it the Universe – it doesn’t really matter what we call it. We can’t, ourselves, produce a thought; without the energy, without Universal Mind, there is no thought but those thoughts produced via the energy of that higher intelligence are simply there as a guide; our intellectual capacity to use those thoughts is the same as testing the temperature of the water with your big toe. Whatever analysis we happen to make through our conceptual thought is not a guarantee of having the right answer. We might think the temperature is perfect, according to our big toe, and then dive in to find out that the ocean is not at all as warm or as cold as we thought. Our intellectual thinking can give us an idea but it can never give us the whole truth.

The wisdom that comes through us, that feeling that we get when we hear the words, even though the words themselves are deforming what that feeling is, that sense of Truth that is indescribable – that, is the whole story and that is what we must be looking to… We must look to Truth

When my students tell me that they can see this on an intellectual level but that they don’t feel it yet at a deeper level, I don’t harangue them with my wisdom; I simply tell them that, in that case they are on the right road. As human beings we see what we know until we learn something new… what I have come to realize with this understanding is that we are learning, or re-learning, something new and, in time, that will open the scope of our vision.

Recently we got fitted out with a new internet provider so a new internet box and a new TV decoder. Everything had been set up but there was just one thing that was amiss and that was that the TV was in black and white and the picture was fuzzy. The signals were still coming through but something, somewhere was not right and the projected image was deformed. As it turned out, I had plugged one of the cables in the wrong way around but once that wire was put back the way it should have been, the picture gained all of its colours and was beautifully clear.

The transformation with this understanding, this learning, or re-learning, to put our trust in our wisdom and not to believe our intellectual thinking to be our guide any more, is like rewiring our brains. The projected image that we then have of the world is far brighter and clearer.

Sometimes my students will ask me, “But when am I going to get this? When will I see? When will I feel it?” Of course there is no answer to that. I saw it in a couple of days, I know other people who have taken years for this Truth to sink in, or rather to sink into this Truth, but what I do know is that when it happens, it happens in a split second, it happens with one thought – that’s all it takes to turn a person’s world completely around… but only the thinker can have the thought.

So, yes, transformation… but the essence of this transformation takes place in the formless, not in the world of form.

Sure, my experience of the world of form has transformed: I could safely say that this understanding saved my marriage, that it saved my children, that it saved my life. I could safely say that it has given me a purpose in life, a purpose that I feel in the present – I became a practitioner and am now, in my turn, transmitting this understanding to others.

But it is in the formless that I have experienced the real and the essential transformation – the sense of peace and love, the loss of ego, recognizing the illusion of thought, being at times highly conscious, feeling at times a pure connection with the Unity of the Principles, of that formless energy. I can safely say that I have gained a sense of powerful resilience, a quiet force, that I know is always there to “back me up” no matter what my circumstances happen to be. As Forrest Gump’s mother always said, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get” – but whatever I do get, I savour it, because it’s part of the human experience, it’s part of being alive and, whatever it happens to be, whatever the flavour, my own essence, that part of me in which the Universe resides, remains unchanged, remains whole, even when I lose sight of it.

I used to hate life and was terrified of dying.

Then I fell in love with life and now I’m not afraid of dying at all, just grateful for the time that has been allotted to me in this world of form to experience its beauty as much in the form as in the formless, to experience the good and the bad in this “divine dream suspended between the boundaries of time, space and matter”

With Love,


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Everyday Living with the Principles

“Each of us visits that Earth involuntarily and without an invitation. For me, it is enough to wonder at its secrets”.Albert Einstein

When I first discovered the three principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness and the inside out nature of the human experience, I was largely blown away by some massive and very beautiful insights about the human condition.

I had joined Michael Neill’s very first living from the inside out program and at the time, my circumstances appeared disastrous; I was in a suicidal state. I’d joined a couple of weeks after the program had started and spent the first few days after joining, catching up on what had already been taught. Three days in, I had the first major transformational insight, that I was doing it all to myself, that I was making myself a victim and hurting myself via my own thinking.

As the months went on, I had insight after insight – huge ones. Bam! Massive insight “oh, that’s why we do those things” Bam! Massive insight, “everybody thinks and behaves on their thinking” Bam! Massive insight “99% of people don’t know how we function psychologically” Bam! Massive insight, “everyone is doing the best that they can with the thinking they have available to them in the moment” Bam! Massive insight, “thought is a fantastic navigation tool until we start innocently misusing it” Bam! Massive insight, “we’re all connected” Bam! Massive insight “there is a huge difference between well being and enjoyment” Bam! Bam! Bam! And so on, and so forth….

So, a while back, when everything quite suddenly went very quiet, I couldn’t understand what the heck was going on. I was having thoughts of, “is this it? Is that all there is to know? Am I done?” and I admit at that time, with that thinking, I was feeling a certain sense of disappointment. I was feeling cheated because I wasn’t having quite so many, nor quite such massive insights into our human psychology.

When we first come to this understanding, those insights about how we work, about our thought system, about Mind and Consciousness, about the intelligence behind life, about our levels of awareness, serve a sole and unique purpose… they are what allow us to heal. Now, we’re not broken as human beings but, as we go along life, our thinking takes us further and further away from Truth, the Truth of our connection, the Truth of Mind, Thought and Consciousness, the Truth about why we are here on this planet.

But if we look into the nature of what an insight really is, then we quickly realize that we constantly have insight. Insight doesn’t only have to be about the nature of the human experience, it can be about absolutely anything.

To give you an example, I had an insight about my baby Emma, who is nearly six months old; it came to me that the milk that she habitually has is not enough for her now and that it’s time for her to start eating “grown-up” food. Sure enough, when I saw her doctor, her doctor gave me the new menu to gradually put in place…

Sydney Banks described insight as “in sight… seeing inside” and when we get really quiet, when our minds are no longer racing at 500 thoughts per minute, then we leave space for that insight to come through. And that insight is just little pieces of wisdom, that inner knowing that feels right in the moment. That’s what an insight is.

There is an undeniable source of energy behind life, the energy that creates life itself. That formless energy that gives us form through our thinking, our consciousness and our soul. We appear to be separate from that source; we walk around, we think in our heads, we are somewhat disconnected but it’s always there, we just don’t see it all the time.

The way I see it, when we are disconnected, it’s a bit like trying to get a machine to work without plugging it in to the mains socket. Try as we might, that machine is not going to work… we can take it apart, study it intensely… but despite all our best efforts, it’s still not going to work. But as soon as we plug it in, it starts working and we don’t have to make that effort any more, we don’t have to do anything to make it work.

When we understand that there are these principles behind life; we don’t need to understand how they work just that they work; and there’s your insight right there… that’s us “plugging ourselves back into the mains socket”

We can study how the electricity comes from the mains and works through the machine “bringing it to life” but we don’t need to do that in order for it to work; we take it as an accepted fact, once it’s plugged in it works. And human beings work in very much the same way.

I think most people would agree that our best ideas always come from a quiet mind; if you have any doubts about that, have a word with Richard Branson! And there’s a very good reason for that. When we are up in our heads, trying to get the machine to work, scrabbling around, searching desperately for a good idea, we find ourselves busy in the “doing” and removed from the “allowing”

I used to see “trusting in the unfolding” as “trust that the events you would like to see happen will come to pass” – a sort of “law of attraction, visualisation, ‘I’ll be happy when such and such…’ “

Trusting in the unfolding has absolutely nothing to do with anything in the future and everything to do with the present moment and trusting that Universal Mind, Universal Consciousness, Universal Thought, that back-up system, that underlying intelligence to life, is always there to send you through an answer based on wisdom, based on insight.

In a recent conversation with one of my students, she was asking, “what am I going to do with my life? What’s my purpose?”

The analogy I came up with was a really busy switchboard. When we question ourselves, when we busy our minds with those kinds of questions, the personal thoughts get onto repeat mode and it’s like a thousand calls coming in all at once and everybody wants to speak to the same person; but there’s only one operator and he/she can’t handle all those calls at once; the switchboard is buzzing, lights flashing all over and so the operator can’t pass any calls because he/she finds themselves in a state of total confusion. But when all the calls quiet down, when there are not so many people trying to get in touch with the same person, then the operator can put the caller though with great ease.

Calling on our wisdom works in exactly the same manner. If we’re busy up in our heads, searching for the answers with our little mind’s personal thinking, the wisdom can’t get through… but as soon as we quieten down… Bam! Insight!

There is a misconception about the meaning of purpose. It comes across as though we have some kind of “future mission” that we have to find the path to but we are not here to do, we are here to be. Purpose can only ever be in the present moment, for the simple fact that we don’t know what can happen in the future.

Someone once asked me, “Well if my purpose is just being, doesn’t that make my life a bit pointless?”

After a few moments of reflection in that waiting space for wisdom, I replied with another question, “Is your cat’s life pointless?”

Your purpose might be, right now, holding your child’s hand. Your purpose might be, right now, being lovingly present to a friend in need. Your purpose might be, right now, enjoying reading a book. Your purpose is right now, in this present moment, simply waiting for wisdom to come through you and give you some nice answers.

And I’ll tell you what about purpose in the present moment… when we’re in that place, we find ourselves systematically in the place of everyday living with the principles; we find ourselves in a place of love, of well being, of calm, of resilience, of peace, of compassion and of wisdom. Personally, I can’t think of any purpose on this Earth better than being in that place, that present space, as Michael Neill calls it, “the space where miracles happen”

With Love,


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The April Fool of Life

“Someone once said to me, ‘Are you telling me that chair isn’t real, that it’s only thought?’ I said ‘Of course the chair is real. But it comes to you via Thought”

– Sydney Banks –

Earlier in the week it was April Fool’s day and I decided to play a prank on my friends, telling them that I’d just received a letter from the NASA accepting me onto a special Mission to Mars space program where I would be leading a team of research biologists at a lab implanted on the Martian soil.

My friends realized pretty quickly that it was a joke for April Fool’s but then I got to thinking, “what if it were true? What if I were really going to be heading off to Mars in 2020 and spending the next six years on a training program for that”. While imagining that, I had a real mix of emotions bubble up, going from fear to excitement, from pure joy at the thought of walking on Martian land to sadness at the thought of leaving my loved ones behind.

Now, while I was aware of having those feelings, I also was very aware that they weren’t real, that it was pure figment of my imagination and, therefore, I was able to enjoy the whole panoply of emotions that came along.

And then I suddenly remembered a story from two years ago with my son on a daytrip to Disneyland in Paris. We had decided to do the Star Tours ride and, as is often the case, there was a massive waiting line. To keep my children amused, I started telling them how much they were going to enjoy this voyage to the stars; that I’d already been, that we’d be travelling at the speed of light and visiting different parts of the universe. For the whole time we waited, I kidded them on with this story, answering their questions, “Are we really going into space, mummy?” “Yeah, course we are! You’ll see, it’s so fantastic!”

We were at last ushered into the ride and instructed to put our safety belts on, “We have to put the safety belts on because of the g-force when we hit light speed” I assured them, and then the doors closed and the ride started.

Now where my daughter, who is actually two years younger than my son, had understood that I was just playing a game and she had fully played along with me and was thoroughly enjoying the whole experience, my son had believed every word and about thirty seconds into the ride, a lady on the other side of my son, tapped me on the shoulder and pointed to him. Alistair was wearing an expression of absolute terror because he believed that this was really real. Of course, I immediately told him that it was just a game and that we weren’t really in a space craft being precariously piloted by an exceedingly polite android… and he immediately relaxed and started to really enjoy it, so much so that as soon as we got off the ride, we ran round to get back in the queue and do it a second time!

And this struck me because it really points to the fact that when we take our thoughts seriously, when we believe them to be real, we are thus are creating a scenario that we perceive to be real and will experience emotion in accordance. It can never be the scenario that creates our feeling, simply because for any given scenario, there’s a whole host of thought possibility. My son, believing that we were really in a spacecraft, was terrified; he could have believed that we were really in a spacecraft and been excited, overjoyed, mesmerized – he could have felt any kind of emotion with any kind of thought. But the ride was just an illusion; it wasn’t real and could only ever have the meaning that he was giving to it.

My daughter, on the other hand, saw it as not being real and realized that the “scary” bits were not real either and so was able to enjoy the whole game of feelings that were coming up – she was able to enjoy the illusion and not take her thoughts about it seriously.

From the formless energy of Universal Mind, Thought and Consciousness, we have the possibility of creating any experience, creating any feeling with our thoughts. Sydney Banks also said, “Mind is not brain. Neither is it a thing or a thought. It is a psychic force which acts as a catalyst and turns thought, whatever conscious or unconscious, into the reality you now see”

What we come to realize, in this understanding of how our human psychology works, is that it is not the external object that gives us our reality but our thoughts emanating from the infinite formless energy of life; and until we give meaning to the thoughts that are constantly flowing through our minds, with our own personal, intellectual, verbalized thinking, then the object of our thinking cannot have any meaning either and, as such, is neutral, as is the formless energy of Universal Mind, Thought and Consciousness.

We must never forget that we are the thinkers and the creators of our own experience but most of all, we must never forget that we have the free will to create any experience from the moment that we become aware that our personal thoughts are not real. And they are not real because we never have to think what we are thinking, we can think whatever we like.

When we waken up to the illusion of our own thinking, we discover the absolute joy and peace of freedom and we waken to the possibility of enjoying every single thought-feeling emotion that arises within us, no matter whether that thought-feeling is “good” or “bad”. Add to that that our judgement of a thought-feeling as “good” or “bad” is also product of our conceptual thinking and is also an illusion.

A while ago, my son told me a very good joke that, without him realizing it, hit me like a ton of bricks because of the wisdom that was within and I would like to share it with you.

You are in a dream and before you are three doors, A, B and C. Which door do you choose?

Door A – you go up two flights of stairs
Door B – you go down two flights of stairs
Door C – you stay on the same floor

Whatever door you chose, you now find yourself in front of another three doors, A, B, and C. Which one do you choose?

Door A – you get to ride in a helicopter to the top of the building
Door B – there’s a slide to take you all the way to the bottom
Door C – you stay on the same floor

Whatever door you chose, you now find yourself in front of another three doors, A, B, and C. Which one do you choose?

Door A – you go down twenty floors in a lift
Door B – you go up twenty floors in a lift
Door C – you stay on the same floor

 Whatever door you chose, you now find yourself in front of another three doors, A, B, and C. Which one do you choose?

Door A – takes you to the underground levels
Door B – takes you to the underground levels
Door C – takes you to the underground levels

Whatever door you chose, you now find yourself in front of another three doors, A, B, and C. Which one do you choose?

When the door you have chosen opens, you find yourself in a circle of demons that are about to devour you. What do you do?

(Most people, and I did too, answer something along the lines of “I try to run away” or “I try to get back through the door” or “I fight them”)

I told you at the start that you were in a dream… You waken up!

What we are feeling in everyday life: our stresses, our joys, our sadness, our love, our excitement, our reticence… None of that is any more real than when we are pretending that we’re going to become an astronaut or are believing that the Star Tours ride is really happening; we just get April Fooled into believing that it’s real

With Love,


Supermind – Video Conference Call with Dicken Bettinger

Last Tuesday 1st April saw the launch of the new Supermind Program of which I am a teacher in association with Brett Chitty, Tammy Furey and John El Mokadem. Our guest speak for this wonderful first call was the magical Dicken Bettinger who graced us with his profound presence for over an hour and a half, sharing with us his understanding of the Principles, answering questions from various auditors and entering into a dialogue with one of the Supermind staff.

Dicken speaks with such ease and calm and I would like to share some insight that I gained from our conversation and I hope will also enjoy the short video clip from our call. Dicken spoke much about the formless energy of the principles and one of the things that struck me was how he described the Principles as movement that transforms the infinite formless energy into form. The way I see it is that we have this source of pure energy living within us, creating form, be it through our feelings or our senses, and without which we could have no experience.

You could imagine a blank canvas and this formless energy as a paintbrush, designing and creating a reality moment to moment through the images projected onto the canvas but only able to be felt through the formless energy itself.

Have a look at the clip to hear how Dicken describes it and if you would like to share your insights with me, either from the content of this newsletter of from what you hear in the video clip, please do send a message to rachel.3principles@gmail.com

To see a short clip from the Live Video Conference Call, click on the link below:

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Hot Chocolate for Your Soul – The Great Formless, part 2

Hot Chocolate for Your Soul – The Great Formless, part 2

“Let not your human mind separate you from the Universal Mind, For they are one Mind caught up in a Divine Illusion”
- Sydney Banks, The Enlightened Gardener Revisited

In last week’s article I spoke about a massive insight that I had into the nature of life itself, not just into the nature of the human experience… today I would like to delve a bit further into what I saw.

What I became aware of last week, after having talked with Jack Pransky, is that there is something far greater than we can even begin to comprehend behind the nature of life and that we are only at the very tip of the iceberg, in fact barely touching the tip of the iceberg compared to the vastness of what surrounds us and what is within us – this is what I spoke about previously.

Last Friday evening, as I was in the garden looking at the stars, as I enjoy doing most evenings, I very suddenly had this thought come to me and this thought was that the Three Principles are One…
Mind is Consciousness is Thought

Let me explain it like this. If you want to make a hot chocolate you need cocoa powder, milk and sugar. Not one of those ingredients on their own make up a hot chocolate, nor two together make hot chocolate, you need the three together to make hot chocolate and mixed up together you get yourself a nice beverage.

If we were to take that a step further, imagine this: without the cocoa powder the milk and sugar would not exist, and without the milk the sugar and cocoa powder would not exist and so forth. In other words not one of those ingredients could exist without the presence of the two others.
So it is the same for Mind, Thought and Consciousness. Neither one can exist without the presence of the others… and this is why they are One.

Sydney Banks continually repeated, “look to Mind, Thought and Consciousness, look to the Three Principles” – he didn’t tell us to look to one on its own because he understood the value of the Three together. He knew that without them we would have no experience of life whatsoever.

Without the Three Principles, that One unified All, there could be no existence. The computer screen that you are reading this on, or the paper that you’re reading this on could not exist without the Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. The chair you’re sitting on could not exist without the Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. The sheets you sleep in at night could not exist without the Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. Nothing that you see, hear, taste, touch and smell could exist without the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought. The love you have in your heart could not exist without the Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. Not one single emotion that you feel would exist without the Three Principles of Mind, Thought and Consciousness. Everything in your life, real and perceived, is only allowed to exist through these Three Principles that are One.

The Three Principles are the basis in the formless, which allows the form to come into existence. Mind, Consciousness and Thought existed before form and will exist after form. Mind, Thought and Consciousness brought forth form and will do so again, that is what it’s designed to do. Mind, Consciousness and Thought brings life into existence.

And Mind, Consciousness and Thought is where our core of well being lies – this is why if a person can catch even just a tiny glimpse of it, then their life will never be the same again.

Mind, Consciousness and Thought is what explains life itself – at the level that we are able to understand it. Our negative emotions, created through our own Personal Thought are counter-life; anger, hate, envy, greed, insecurity, fear – all of these emotions are counter-life because they take us away from our core of well being, they take us away from Truth and they take us away from the Oneness. And the reason why those negative feelings are so uncomfortable to us is because they are not our natural way of being; yet that uncomfortable feeling is good because, when we listen to it, it guides us away from behaving badly, as a guide to our level of thinking, being aware of it, recognizing it, is the first step on the way back “home”.

The more we see, not how it works, but that it works in that way, the easier it is for us to “get back home” when we are lost in our own Personal Thought. Knowing that but for our own Personal Thought, well being is at the very core of our existence allows us to get back there. The fact is that, no matter how lost we can become as human beings, that well being based in the Principles is always there for us to sink back into, it never goes away; all we have to do is be aware of its presence.

We are doted with a Little Mind and a Little Consciousness and a Little Thought but even those, that we perceive to be so real, are coming from the Pure Formless, the Great Formless, the Unified One of Universal Mind, Universal Consciousness and Universal Thought.

And what Freedom this gives us in our lives – not to be reckless and harmful, no! For that would be disrespectful of something too great to understand, it would be disrespectful of life itself… but we have the Freedom to not get caught up in our Little Mind, Little Consciousness and Little Thought, knowing that we are just present in form for a time, form that is itself an illusion for the simple fact that it is based in the Formless. But how wonderful is this experience of form where we are able to witness the grandeur of life itself, able to witness the Principles in action, able to be aware of the presence of the Unified One.

With Love,