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So, What Are The Three Principles?

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience”
- Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

Syd Banks said that neither the Three Principles of Mind, Consciousness and Thought can exist without the other; they are interlinked. Realizing that we are living in the feeling of our thinking and that the only obstacle to our well being is our own thoughts, is the very simple key to accessing that state of well being.

One morning I was driving my husband to the train station and on the way back I had to emergency brake to avoid running over a rabbit that jumped out in front of the car.
As it happened the rabbit was visibly scared, but as soon as the incident had passed I’m pretty sure he was back in his well being, happily hopping through the fields and nibbling whatever it is that rabbits like to nibble – back in his normal state of pure Consciousness as soon as the adrenalin had left his system.
Now if that rabbit had the capacity to think consciously, he may well spend the next ten years going over and over the incident, he might even go to a bunny psychiatrist to discuss the impact that this frightening incident has had on his life, how he is afraid to leave the burrow for fear of being chased by another roaring monster with big, glinting eyes – he could, in fact, ruin his fluffy bunny life with that kind of thinking, or he could realize that those thoughts are nothing more than thoughts, a memory, and thus find the key to letting them go.

Mind is the life source that comes from nothing and fills up everything.

Consciousness is being awake to life and being aware of it through our senses and feelings.

Thought is what allows us to navigate through life.

We are the infinite Mind, consciously aware within a finite shell with the capacity to think our way through our surroundings. But without infinite or universal Mind, there could be no Consciousness and without Consciousness there could be no Thought. And that life source, that infinite Universal Mind is in everything, the animate and the inanimate. The body is made up of 99.999999999999% space, we are in the universe and the universe is in us…

So why does it matter? Well it doesn’t really, outside of the fact that we are taught to believe that the World works 180° to the way it actually does work. We have somehow come to believe, in the collective consciousness, that it is our outside circumstances that dictate how we feel on the inside and that we are separate from the whole, when in fact everything we experience in life is created from the inside through our thinking.

It’s a little bit like gravity. Now, if you didn’t know or believe that gravity was at work, keeping us upright, you might start to look for all sorts of different techniques and methods for staying upright and getting around. They would likely work and be more or less efficient but would require a constant and exhausting effort of attention. We would literally have to think our way forward for each new step… unnecesarily.

But we already know that gravitational forces are at work despite us, so we have literally nothing to do, we don’t have to think about how to put one foot in front of the other.

And so it is with our relation to our experience as human beings. If we believe that the outside circumstances are what give us our experience and that our well being is dependant on things “going our way,” then we have no other choice but to attempt, more or less efficiently, to control all of our outside circumstances, to employ vast effort applying techniques and methods in order to assure our sense of happiness. In this case, when things “go wrong” we are victims of circumstances.

But when we can see that the link between our circumstances and our sentiment around our circumstances is Thought, then we quickly become aware that we are the creators of our own experience – we are the ones doing it to ourselves – and so can in no way be victims of anything other than our own thinking.

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