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The Gentle Path to Fulfillment

The Natural State of Consciousness

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Believing that happiness is dependent on outer circumstances is a super-trap that can lead to an endless pursuit of things and situations in order to achieve and/or maintain that sense of happiness.
Believing that happiness is something that lies outside of ourselves means that whenever the slightest thing goes amiss, then we have no other possibility than to feel miserable.

When we become aware that the link between what is going on on the outside and how we are feeling on the inside is our own thoughts, for without thoughts we would not feel anything, then we realize that the only barrier to that feeling of happiness is our own thinking.

We are the thinkers and, as such, we are the ones creating the feelings but as the natural state of consciousness is one of peace and well-being, it is in fact us, and not the circumstances outside of us, that dictate whether we have access to that well-being or not, through the thoughts we are having at any given moment.

Realizing that the outside is not what makes us feel happy on the inside, but that it’s an inside job, we lose all dependence on people, things and exterior situations as we become aware that that is not how to access our well-being, that our well-being is in fact there to be tapped into at any moment.

And this in turn leads to a sense of complete freedom, for when we are no longer dependent on happenings outside of ourselves to insure our happiness, then we are free to create, to love, to give, to serve… we are free to live.



Author: Rachel Norwood - Three Principles Practitioner

Rachel Norwood is a Three Principles/Innate Health Practitioner registered with the Three Principles Global Community (3PGC), and author of “The Gentle Path to Definitive Weight Loss”

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