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Thriving Instead of Striving

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I was mulling over today why it is that we feel that we should never be unhappy and why being unhappy becomes such a big problem, outside of all media and societal influences.
We spend so much time searching for happiness, trying to be happy, even fighting for it, which is a conundrum in itself
“I will do whatever it takes to be happy”
“And how do you feel right now?”
“Miserable as hell! But I’ll be happy just as soon as…..”

Isn’t it ironic that our search for happiness should leave us with a feeling of unhappiness in the present moment? And no wonder that being unhappy has become such a problem. How could it not be when being happy has become such a problem?
The more importance we put on “being happy”, clearly the more seemingly dramatic being unhappy becomes.

It is when we realize that our true nature is one of well being, everyone without exception, and that we do not have to strive to be happy because it’s already there, that we are able to give up that fight. And by giving up that fight and allowing well being to just be, very suddenly those moments of unhappiness lose their importance and their impact.

The only obstacle, the ONLY thing that can prevent us from being in that sense of well being is our own thinking.
Having unhappy thoughts is natural and when we are aware that our well being and peace and harmony are already within, it becomes far less important to latch onto those unhappy  thoughts in the search of an opposite feeling. The more we latch on to unhappy thoughts, the more unhappiness we will feel; the more we thrive in that sense of calm well being, the more secure, fearless, resilient, strong, creative, inspired, alive, peaceful and comfortably happy we will ultimately feel….



Author: Rachel Norwood - Three Principles Practitioner

Rachel Norwood is a Three Principles/Innate Health Practitioner registered with the Three Principles Global Community (3PGC), and author of “The Gentle Path to Definitive Weight Loss”

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