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Insecurity and Humility – From the Infinitely Large to the Infinitely Small

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“The nature of self-love and of this human Ego is to love self only and consider self only. But what will man do? He cannot prevent this object that he loves from being full of faults and wants. He wants to be great, and he sees himself small. He wants to be happy, and he sees himself miserable. He wants to be perfect, and he sees himself full of imperfections. He wants to be the object of love and esteem among men, and he sees that his faults merit only their hatred and contempt. This embarrassment in which he finds himself produces in him the most unrighteous and criminal passion that can be imagined; for he conceives a mortal enmity against that truth which reproves him, and which convinces him of his faults. He would annihilate it, but, unable to destroy it in its essence, he destroys it as far as possible in his own knowledge and in that of others; that is to say, he devotes all his attention to hiding his faults both from others and from himself, and he cannot endure either that others should point them out to him, or that they should see them”

Insecurity is nothing more than ego, or rather it is our insecure thinking that creates that feeling of ego, that necessity to irrationally protect ourselves. But that insecurity created ego comes from our feeling of separateness to everything else, that sense of separation creating a fear of not surviving.

I’m wondering if this is not what is meant, at least in part, by Syd Banks when he talked about “lostness”

And this is where Humility comes in, for ego and humility cannot reside together.

For some reason, these last few weeks I’ve had the voice of Uriah Heep popping up in my head, which has amused me greatly, “I’m so very humble.” With that came the realization that when people are proclaiming themselves to be “oh so very humble”, they are actually really being self-centred, more self-centred in fact than another person who might proclaim there greatness. How can we be humble if we are full of our own sense of humility?

“Few men speak humbly of humility, chastely of chastity, skeptically of skepticism”

So, if humility cannot be a self-proclaimed character trait without it taking the opposite meaning, then what is it? What gives us that sense of Humility?

We gain that humility when we lose the sense of ego, and when we lose that sense of ego we also lose that sense of insecurity that has created ego.

Humility has nothing to do with shame, as many believe, and everything to do with greatness – the Infinite Greatness of being part of the Universe.

“Whoever shall have understood the ultimate principles of being might also attain to the knowledge of the Infinite. The one depends on the other, and one leads to the other. These extremes meet and reunite by force of distance, and find each other in God, and in God alone”

Universal Mind is the source of all life. It is the source of the animate and the inanimate. Without Universal Mind, without the energy of life, of God, there could be no form – we are the form from the formless and are made up of all of the same stuff of the formless, and that is where our humility lies.

Without Universal Mind we could not exist but without us Universal Mind could not exist. It is as a drop of water in an ocean. The ocean can only exist with the multitude of drops of water; each drop is simultaneously separate and akin to the ocean. Without each individual drop of water present to make up the whole ocean, the ocean could not exist but without the ocean the drop of water could not exist. And so it is with us and Universal Mind. We are so tiny and yet at the same time part of an unfathomable greatness.

“Humanity is lost between the infinitely large and infinitely small”. I would say Humanity is found between the infinitely large and infinitely small.

It is as if that formless energy had to take form to prove its existence. Without form, without consciousness and thought, Universal Mind would exist invisibly, unknowingly, but because we are here it exists consciously.

“Man is equally incapable of seeing the nothingness from which he emerges and the infinity in which he is engulfed” – unless we are willing to see. Pascal would not have been able to write this statement if he hadn’t seen, himself, what he was talking about, thus Man is capable of seeing.

You know those cartoon drawings where it starts off with a straight line and then suddenly a character appears from that line and comes to life, busying at many different things, to then return, after the coming to life sequence, to the straight line. For me that is a good representation of how Universal Mind has taken form. It has existed infinitely before us and will exist infinitely after us and we are a part of that Infinity.

“Whoever shall have understood the ultimate principles of being might also attain to the knowledge of the Infinite. The one depends on the other, and one leads to the other. These extremes meet and reunite by force of distance, and find each other in God, and in God alone”

And that’s where our sense of humility can come from. That knowledge that we are not separate from infinity but part of it, that we are at the same time formless and form. That sense of belonging, that sense of not being alone even in the most extreme solitude, is the key to the disappearance of ego. In the same way as the drop of water in the ocean does not get tied up with its individualism and its ego,  but in its separateness belongs to the greater whole. Being part of the Infinite, there is no reason to feel insecure.

When I look up at the vastness of the sky I am in awe. Not because it is so much greater than I am but because it is so much greater than I am and yet I am part of it.

Our own thoughts are the only barrier to our own sense of security and humility, and are the creators of our own sense of ego and thus our loss of security and humility.

But when we can see where we come from and where we are going, we begin with Infinity and we end with Infinity, those insecure thoughts lose their importance because they are small and separate; but we are not, we may be small… but we are connected.

The Infinite is all around us, Universal Mind is all around us. It is in everything and surrounds everything. It is present in the people we pass by on the street; it is present in the trees and the grass; it is present in the sounds that we hear; it is present in every breath of wind; it is present in every ray of sunshine and in every drop of rain; it is present in every colour that we see; it is present in every breath we take; it is present in every heartbeat; it is present when we feel love.

When Humankind will realize that we are not separate beings but are combined particles of the same Whole, of the same Formlessness, and that our existence is ultimately an illusion, then there will be greater Humility and greater Humanity.

And think, if it were just us, separate individual beings, then that would be an awful waste of space.

Alistair skipping

Quotes by Blaise Pascal and Carl Sagan


Author: Rachel Norwood - Three Principles Practitioner

Rachel Norwood is a Three Principles/Innate Health Practitioner registered with the Three Principles Global Community (3PGC), and author of “The Gentle Path to Definitive Weight Loss”

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