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The Mayan Calendar and the End of Human Egocentricity

The End is Nigh!

I’ve heard many theories around how the world is going to end on the 21st December 2012 – polar shifts, the Earth being hit by another planet, asteroids, Yellowstone blowing… Of course if any of these events were to fall upon us we would already have seen signs of it – massive hurricanes, severe seismic activity and if we were to be hit by a planet or other celestial body it would already be visible to the naked eye.

But out of all of this what has struck me is the “why” – the reasons that are given to justify the annihilation of the planet.

And the main reason that is given is that this end of the world will come to “get rid of” human beings for being naughty – and I thought being naughty just meant that Father Christmas wouldn’t come which was bad enough!

And this brings me to the point in question. Are we as human beings so full of ourselves that we actually believe that Mother Nature, in order to get rid of us, will actually destroy the planet and all living things on it? We really are an egocentric species if we think that.

We are but a mere bug on the windscreen of life – and, when we look at our disrespect of the environment and our disrespect for life, not a very nice bug; one of those really annoying ones that bite and sting!

The good news is that there is no cosmic windscreen wiper, simply because change will not come from the outside, change will come from the inside – from inside each and every one of us.

The Myth of Human Superiority within the Animal Kingdom

The human race, for the most part, believes that we are superior to all other animals and we have to look at why. Is it because we have honed our skills in technological advancement? Is it because we are able to kill any other animal on the planet with great ease? Is it because we have learned how to “control” our environment – agriculture, shelter, heating, air conditioning?

This is part of the answer but the truth of the matter is that we believe we’re superior because we have the ability to verbalize electro-neural impulses in our brains which, seemingly, other animals are not capable of doing – we think.

It is our capacity of verbalized thinking that has led us to believe that we appropriate everything we give a name to. Since man uttered his first grunt to call a rock a rock, we have been progressively attempting to take possession of everything that exists on the planet. Add to that the word “my” and we can have a deadly cocktail of egocentricity and greed.

How We Have Distanced Ourselves from Our True Nature Through Thought

We are the only living species on the planet that can kill for pleasure. We are the only living species on the planet that can walk past a person who is starving and cold on the street and continue along our way, happily texting on our mobile phone.

But are we happy? Deep down, are we happy? I don’t think so.

Sure, other animals may fight over food and in some groups the Alpha male will hoard the best parts of the food, leaving the “scraps” for the “lesser” members of the group but only to ensure the survival of the group. If the alpha male is the one who is inseminating the females, then he has to survive because the group’s survival is dependant on his survival.

But as human beings, we have developed that into greed.

It seems to me that the first tools, the first innovations that were created to facilitate the gathering of food were for the survival of the group but with respect to Nature.

Now people kill animals for sport, discarding the bodies.

We have created techniques of mass production of food and means of transporting it around the globe but we do not share.

This comes from the fact that at the out start, as a species, we quickly realized that when we had enough food and were not starving, that somehow we felt better.

And this is easily explained. All animals have the same electro-neural impulses that we do, and that we verbalize. Those impulses will put the animal in a place of “stress” in order for it to hunt for food and eat – those stresses will produce hormones and chemicals in the animal’s body that will aid it in it’s pursuit of food.

Here’s the difference between the animal kingdom and human beings – once the animal has found food those chemicals will calm down, for the animal is simply in tune with nature, and that basic need has been satisfied.

Human beings, however, have created a world of ownership through the verbalization of these neural impulses and the more we name something, the more we think we own it and the more we own it, the more we think we have to have it to feel better.

Because what differentiates us from the animal kingdom is our capacity to get stuck in our thoughts and to be no longer in touch with our basic needs-satisfaction cycle; and by naming our thoughts we also have a tendency to own them.

To give you an example, I live with three cats. Now, if I make a very loud noise my cats will react to that. Depending on the intensity of the sound they will still themselves, lift up their heads, point their ears. If the sound is particularly loud they will take cover and move away from the sound. Human beings call this reaction “fear”. For me, when a cat does this it’s just for survival. Whatever the name for it, it is purely and simply a chemical reaction in the body.

But here’s the difference between my cats and a human being. Once the noise has finished, my cats will calm down and go back to cleaning themselves or whatever it is that they happened to be doing before the noise. Human beings, however, can conserve that fear through thought. We will be listening out, wondering what the noise was, wondering if the noise is going to come again, wondering what it was due to, analyzing if there’s a danger or not – and the more we analyze through our thinking, the more we maintain the chemical production for our protection, maintaining the feelings of stress and fear.

So, the stress that we feel is purely and simply self-created, we are living in self-created fear and because we don’t realize that we are doing it to ourselves, we attribute our feelings of fear to the noise that we initially heard, and as the noise was on the outside we then start looking for an outside solution in order to calm ourselves down.

Realizing that the stress is simply coming from our thoughts is the key to calming those thoughts and thus calming ourselves down, getting back in touch with our natural sense of well-being.

But by sustaining the stress, we, in fact, exacerbate the situation.

And so we search more and more on the outside; collecting, owning, possessing even to the detriment of other human beings and to the detriment of the planet that we are living on.

Where the cat tunes back into its well-being once the event is over, we, the human species, continue to distance ourselves from the natural order of things because our thinking finishes by totally clouding our minds and blocking our access to our natural well-being and inner wisdom.

A Phoenix from the Ashes

And this is why periodically we have “end of world” scenarios pop up. Deep down inside of us, we know that we’re going off track but because we are so busy looking for our well-being on the outside, the only solution we can come up with in our minds is a radical solution from the outside – i.e. the world blowing up.

But this radical change will come when everybody on this planet realizes the impact of thought on our own lives, when we realize that our reality is self-created, when we realize that we are part of a whole, when we realize that it’s not because we name something and invent a set of rules around it that we own it.

As with my cats, the default setting is to get back to a sense of peace and well-being and that sense of peace and well-being is within, not outwards. The cat doesn’t need to go and catch a mouse in order to recover from the momentary stress of a loud noise.

When a forest burns down from fire, when it is left alone, in a short time a new forest will grow and flourish. The burnt wood fertilizes the ground, making the soil richer and the new trees that grow, grow even stronger.

The forest doesn’t need years of therapy for post traumatic stress syndrome, it already knows what it has to do to regenerate, it doesn’t have to think about it.

We are, ourselves, something like one gene away from being a tree. And if you think that a tree is an inanimate object, go and hug one today – feel its warmth, feel its vibration, feel the energy of life that runs through its veins.

The Oak

Live thy Life,
Young and old,
Like yon oak,
Bright in spring,
Living gold;

Then; and then
Gold again.

All his leaves
Fall’n at length,
Look, he stands,
Trunk and bough
Naked strength.

Alfred Lord Tennyson

We are Joined at the Hip with the Universe

If you were to lift your hand right now and move it through the air you would have the impression of moving it through nothingness. But nothingness does not exist. The entire universe is made up of gas, liquid and solid just as we are made up of gas, liquid and solid. Our capacity for verbalization and analysis has brought us to the conclusion that we are separate from everything around us, but how can we be separate when we are made up of the same stuff?

It would be like my hand believing that it was separate from my body and then taking ownership of it. Sure, my hand can move independently but it can only do that because it is part of a whole.

We are made up of the energy of life, we are form from the formless but still part of the formless, containing the same information for life and the same life energy as the formless.

If we want to get back to our roots, get back to that deep-rooted sense of well-being, then we will do so when every human being on this planet realizes that they are part of the whole.

As such, every other human being and every other living creature on this planet is part of us as we are part of them.

Our ill-ease, our desire for change with the end of the world as we know it, comes from our feelings of being separate from the whole.

But with one single thought, we can reconnect; it only takes ones thought and the beauty of it is that that one thought comes from the source of life energy itself.

In the same manner as the forest has the inner wisdom to grow anew, so have we. Our futile attempts of searching on the outside for something that can only come from within will not lead us to peace.

The change will come; it will come through one human being at a time recognizing the power of their own thinking, realizing that they are simply victims of their own thoughts and that thought is nothing but an electro-neural impulse that is, until we verbalize it and make it up into something that it isn’t, completely neutral.

We can never be superior to other living creatures on the planet because we believe we can control them and our environment and it is pointless to search that feeling of superiority.

Our true state of being will come when we realize that we can never be superior because we are simply participatory in the energy source of life.

The end is nigh, yes, for human greed and egocentricity and the nice part about it is that it starts within yourself not in another person and not anywhere on the outside of yourself.

In that, there is absolutely nothing to do, no particular efforts to make, nothing to try hard to achieve because innate well-being has been and always will be right within you.