Rachel Norwood – Three Principles Practitioner

The Gentle Path to Fulfillment



Rachel Norwood,
Three Principles/Innate Health Practitioner

I am a Three Principles/Innate Health Practitioner, registered with the Three Principles Global Community (3PGC), author of “The Gentle Path to Definitive Weight Loss” 

Understanding the Three Principles Or How to Be Very Simply Happy

In my work, I deal with both individuals and groups, in English and/or en  français, helping those people see the source from where their experience of life is coming from, and how thought shapes their reality and perception.

There are no techniques involved in learning about this understanding, there is nothing to do. This work consists of a powerful conversation around the nature of the human experience, in order to break down barriers and self-imposed limitations, release potential, creativity and, above all, an immense feeling of well-being, compassion and love. The acquisition of this understanding contributes to creating a real sense of psychological resiliance that will support you in any circumstance, and brings forth a truly life-transforming experience.

The most common thing we hear people say, whose lives have been touched through experiencing this understanding is, “Nothing has changed but everything is different” – those people have discovered a far gentler experience of life, a far gentler experience of life that is available to each and everyone of us no matter our background, upbringing, education or state of mind.

Pour visiter le site des Trois Principes – France, cliquez ici



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